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Bike Handlebar Mount


To provide a stable platform for mounting a bike headlight and an action camera to my bike, I wanted to build a very sturdy mount that could clamp to either side of where the stem connects to the handlebar.  

This is my end product:

Material and Equipment

  • 1" aluminum square stock
  • Stainless steel screens
  • 1 1/4" endmill (matches diameter of my handlebars)


  1. First, I cut two equal length pieces of aluminum stock.
  2. I mounted these into the vice with a little over 1/2" exposed up top.

  3. I milled off 1/2" of material, leaving a 1/4" tab at the left side on one piece, which is the mounting surface for the lights/camera.

  4. For comparison, here are the 2 pieces below a completed mount:

  5. I used the 1 1/4" end mill to bore out the curves for the handlebar.  I offset it 0.1" so that there is a gap between the two pieces when they fit together over the handlebar -- this gives space to actually clamp down.
  6. I drilled and tapped the smaller piece to accept #6-32 screws.

  7. The finished product is seem at the top of the page!